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Chrissie Pearce Academy

Acrylic Conversion

Acrylic Conversion

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Taught by - Chrissie Pearce
9.30am - 4.30 (please allow till 5pm)

Are you Hard Gel or Gel polish trained and want to learn Acrylic? Or did you train years ago and now want to retrain? This conversion course means you can train in Acrylic and receive an accredited certificate enabling you gain insurance.

We will cover Health and Safety, understanding acrylic, ratio and tips and tricks on getting the perfect bead, how to file acrylic, cuticle application, zones 1,2,3, reverse French and all over colour acrylic, and baby boomer/ombre nails and what to do at rebalance.

Classes books fast so secure your place now! Courses are small to maximise learning, you will have full support and ongoing help after the course. See our feedback from our other students!

We will be using CJP on the day as this is a CJP Course kits can be provided and our available to purchase on this website 
You will need;
Clear Acrylic - crystal glass or ice
Cover Pink Acrylic - any but birthday suit recommended
White Acrylic - snow white
Acrylic Liquid/Monomer (the one OR Ultra Adhesive)
Dappen Dish for monomer
Coloured Acrylics at least 3
Acrylic Brush at least size 10 Liz guild, live by CJP, or big boy 100 tips and 50 sculpting forms  

Kit available to purchase here on this website

Items from your normal gel kit you will need to bring with you...
Loose glitter
Top Coat
Sculpting Forms with guide markers
Cuticle Scissors or nippers
Files, buffers
Thin wooden file
Metal tools/pusher etc
Couch roll/wipes etc
Dusting brush
(Basically the sundries you would use when doing gel nails)

ALL MONIES/PAYMENTS are non-refundable and non-transferable to other courses. No place is secured unless full payment is made.

There is no theory for this conversion course as you will already be qualified in hard gel or gel polish and would've completed the necessary H&S/Anatomy theory from those courses.

Please contact your educator once you have purchased this course for more details.

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