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Here are the most popular treatments with Chrissie, all prices are based on length, time taken and skill set. Below you will find more details about each service and photos too!

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  • Nail Extensions - Full Sets

    Need a new set of nails? A full set of Hard gel, or Acrylic nails start from £48. This includes cuticle work, perfect prep, sculpting the nails to a desired length shaping and an all over colour included in the price. Prices increase based on chosen length. Please add on extra time for art/longer length.

  • Infills / Rebalance

    Once your nails have grown out, the nails will need 'rebalancing' usually around 3-4 weeks later. After this time frame the nail will have grown and the product will be restructured and the 'infilled'. This base price includes an all over colour, if your nails "hook/twist' and need correcting this is an add-on service.

  • Gel Polish or BOB

    Natural nails with Gel Polish is applied over your own nails, and finished in a colour of your choice, no added strength but great chip-free polish for 2-3 weeks. Or for added strength 'Brush on Builder' is applied as an overlay (no length added) and provides a thicker enhancement for durability, includes an all over colour.

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Full Sets - Nail Extensions

Not so popular with Chrissie, as she's always doing Rebalances or Infills on all of her regular clients, but sometimes a fresh set or a shape change means a newly Sculpted set of Acrylic or Gel nails are needed.

This picture is clients new set of Hard Gel nails, at a 'short' length, with hand painted French added on- so this totals £51.