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Chrissie Pearce Academy

Beginners Drill Bit Kit

Beginners Drill Bit Kit

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Everything you need for starting out e-filing with CJP Educators, these bits are compiled together specifically for a technique we teach, but can also be adapted for anyones use! Check out our 'upgraded kit' too! RRP for these bits separately is £60, so save some £££ and buy as a kit! 


Point Bit- To lift the eponychium

Safety Pear - Our specially designed bit to remove cuticle from under that skin from the nail plate without causing harm.

Pointy Etch bit- medium- this bit gets into hard to reach areas and can etch those places your nail file can't reach for superior adhesion for your products!

Cone Bit- This bit is great for smoothing product at the cuticle, removing gel polish carefully or what we use it for- removing hooked nails from underneath the free edge area.

Coarse Safety Bit- A smooth top removal bit great for beginners and starting out removing Hard Gel and or Acrylic.

Mandrel Bit (metal bit that sanding bands slip onto

Brushy Bit - a nifty little bit for getting dust out from hard to reach areas!



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