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Chrissie Pearce Academy

Close the Gap -Efile Manicure Training with Gel Polish

Close the Gap -Efile Manicure Training with Gel Polish

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1 day - 6.5 teaching hours (Please allow 7.5hrs as well as lunch) 
Start time 9.30am - 4.30pm

Close the Gap -Combination Efile Course.

On this course also known as “Russian Manicure’ you will be shown the art of perfect preparation which can speed up prep time as well as ensure gel and enhancement products can be applied super close, giving the illusion of ‘no gap’ at the cuticle.
You will be shown the correct cuticle efile bits for each step when removing cuticle and excess dead keratinised skin, as well as the combination manicure using precision cuticle scissors and tools. You must already hold a recognised Efile qualification and Gel Polish or Gel Qualification for the later part of the class.

Using the Efile you will be guided on correct speeds to safely tidy and prep thoroughly. You will then be shown tips and tricks to provide a Gel manicure service to ‘Close the gap’ and gain super close, neat cuticle work.
You will need the Efile manicure bit kit plus your efile and all usual sundries and Gel polish base coats, colours etc. (Kit list provided).

Course Modules

What is the Cuticle, pros & Cons, safe anatomy of excess dead Keratinised tissue

Correct efile bits to perform dry manicure and the difference between Combi Manicure

Step by step of dry efile manicure and combi manicure ensuring correct speeds and angles executed to perfection for flawless results.

Health and safety and hygiene of bits and tools.

Preparation of the nail plate the CJP way ready for super close cuticle work and reinforcing a basic gel manicure to produce flawless glossy results and finishes.

Application of Gel Polish (or acrylic depending which course)

How to take flawless photos and lighting effects, with app and photo editing techniques.

Recap on rebalancing a gel Manicure and cuticle work after a 3-4 week service.


Drill Bit kit purchased separately avalible from this website 

PLUS you will need precision cuticle scissors. You will need to bring your own Efile.

Model Not Required -work on yourself - must be on real person, no training hands, ensure hands are free of enhancements, please ask if you wish to Bring a model (space dependant as classes are small)

Prerequisites- You must be qualified in Efile with a recognised provider, and for the Gel Manicure hold a Gel Polish Qualification. Certificates will be asked for.


 Held at Chrissie Pearce Studio


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