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Chrissie Pearce Academy

Needle Bit - Ornaments

Needle Bit - Ornaments

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This epic little drill bit, was bought to you in mind with a technique I wanted to broaden a few years ago- cutting out smile lines and geometric shapes in Acrylic and Hard gel! And here she is! This is one of our top sellers and you can see her in action on my Instagram @chrissiepearcenails where I demonstrated something new without the use of the big bulky backfill bits, I asked our bit makers for a tough but small and precise piece and our Needle bit was born!

1.5mm wide at the base and 1mm tip, great for hard to reach areas, carving out nail art, flooded cuticles, getting into the sides of those reverse smile lines- and much much more! 

3/32 fitment, Can also be used under the nail plate and under nail cleaning and removing product that has found its way under the free edge. Not for use on the skin.

Drill bits for 3/32 Drills, will fit 99% E-File models, if in doubt please ask! All drill bits and files are recommended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.
You must hold a relevant E-File qualification for use on public & for insurance purposes.

For professional use only.

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