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Chrissie Pearce Academy

NEW Hurricane 5XC Removal E-file Bit

NEW Hurricane 5XC Removal E-file Bit

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5 XC ! Tungsten Carbide Extreme removal bit, a bit like our Bell shape pieces, but this has a purposely larger gap between the cut on the piece, making light work of the toughest nail enhancements!  With a longer more toughened shank we have gone above and beyond finding this bit for the most confident of users who are hoveringin the 2/3XC range of our Bell bits, this is definitely for you! Obviously perfect for removal of Acrylic, Hard Gel and enhancements. This 5XCoarse e-file bit will cut through your nails and time like butter! 

Has minimal heat build up due to its 'teeth' like design dissipating heat quickly, why? Heat build up only occurs when your e-file bit is held in the same place on the nail for too long, with these bits your product is removed so fast theres no need to stay in the same place- thus NO HEAT!! See @chrissiepearcenails on instagram for videos too!

Not designed for nail plate. Right handed use due to directional unique cut.

Depending on the angle you move this over the nail be cautious as usual. Please refer to your e-file training for correct use.

Drill bit must be pushed in your hand piece all the way, the more they stick out the more they will loop and cause vibration, for best results and minimal vibration use on full speed and adjust your own pressure and movement speed for the perfect fast service!

Drill bits for 3/32 Drills, will fit 99% E-File models, if in doubt please ask! All drill bits and files are recommended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.
You must hold a relevant E-File qualification for use on public & for insurance purposes.

For professional use only.

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