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Chrissie Pearce Academy

Taper - 5 in 1 grit - E-file bit

Taper - 5 in 1 grit - E-file bit

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Tungsten Carbide removal & shaping bit, This flat top 'tapered' bit has 5 grits from the base to the tip and can be used for an array of methods when doing enhancements!

The top may be flat but the grit at the tip is actually a Fine grit! This amazing little piece is perfect for light to heavy removal of Acrylic, Hard Gel and enhancements based on which part you apply your pressure. 

Also amazing for getting into hard to reach areas, removing lifting, smoothing over enhancements after application, going underneath the nail, correcting hooked nails and much much more, even using the finer part to gently remove Gel Polish and softer media!  From the base to the top the grits are Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine & Superfine on the top edge


Drill bits for 3/32 Drills, will fit 99% E-File models, if in doubt please ask! All drill bits and files are recommended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.
You must hold a relevant E-File qualification for use on public & for insurance purposes.

For professional use only.

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