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Chrissie Pearce Academy

Upgraded Beginners Drill Bit Kit

Upgraded Beginners Drill Bit Kit

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Everything you need for starting out e-filing with CJP Educators, these bits are compiled together specifically for a technique we teach, but can also be adapted for anyones use! You are looking at our basic kit plus a lot of extra upgrades! This kit separately would cost £125, so grab a discount and buy as a set!


Point Bit- To lift the eponychium

Safety Pear - Our specially designed bit to remove cuticle from under that skin from the nail plate without causing harm.

Pointy Etch bit- medium- this bit gets into hard to reach areas and can etch those places your nail file can't reach for superior adhesion for your products!

Cone Bit- This bit is great for smoothing product at the cuticle, removing gel polish carefully or what we use it for- removing hooked nails from underneath the free edge area.

Coarse Safety Bit- A smooth top removal bit great for beginners and starting out removing Hard Gel and or Acrylic.

Mandrel Bit (metal bit that sanding bands slip onto

Brushy Bit - a nifty little bit for getting dust out from hard to reach areas!

The extras this kit are the more expensive removal bits when you are ready and confident and a couple of extra prep bits - which are:

XXC Safety Bit, once you have gained some confidence using your Coarse SB then the XXC is the next step to removing product much quicker!

Skittles- This 'cut' bit is a great tough skin 'lifter' and also great for overspilled cured product, tidying, and getting into those reverse smile lines, and well alsorts really!

Diamond "Pill' Bit- SO! This is the epitome of hard skin removal, like a 'Ball Bit' which is akin to more Russian manicure this can be used at your choice to remove hard skin and excess keritinous tissue, those hard sidewalls on heavy handed clients and well hard skin in general this nifty bit gets into all areas due to having that round top but straight sides for all areas!

XXC Bell Bit, so this looks scary but believe me when you use this you won't go back, removes product like butter and used on the right speeds and once you're confident this will seriously cut your redesign time right down! The teeth like shape actually dissipates heat and the round top is useable but also not harsh. One of our bestsellers! 




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